03.03.4208 - Misplaced Dodos

Please remember that Dodos enjoy squeezing into small spaces. So, if you think you have misplaced your Dodo please check any small spaces in your dwelling first to make sure they haven't just stowed away for a 20 minute nap. 

We recommend having several specifically placed boxes around your dwelling so that they have lots of options for their nap times and you will be aware of their location. 

If you still can not find them after checking their favourite sleeping spots then call your local DoPEC team to advise them your Dodo has wandered off. Don't worry they always show up in the end. 


02.12.4208 - HOVERING PLANTS: Increasing Incidents Reported

There have been increasing reports of Hovering Plants smashing peoples windows when trying to leave. We stress that this will happen if you lock them in your dwelling. 

We understand that many of you have expressed a desire to have one as a permanent feature in your dwelling (and who can blame you, they are rather lovely!) but kidnapping them is not the answer. They are designed to travel around to optimise oxygen distribution and so can not remain in one place for too long. 

We are working hard to introduce more and more of these, so you will find, eventually, they become a more common sight. But in the meantime...



02.06.4208 - INTRODUCING....


Are you bored of the usual light grey colour of your dwelling that came as standard. Well we now have a solution.

Our team at the Department of Dwelling Enhancement (DoDE) have managed to synthesise a historical substance called paintThis paint can be applied to the walls of your dwelling to change the colour. It is a very exciting time!!!

Currently they have managed to complete one colour...


This will be available at your local supply centre very soon and we will let you know on here the exact date shortly. We have a limited amount at the moment so it will be one can per dwelling as we predict it to be very popular.

We hope soon to introduce new colours and are excited to announce we are currently working on...


So, should you not be drawn to our first colour available, don't fret, we expect to have a full array of colours for you to choose from within the next several years!


01.27.4208 - Redesigned Rat Supplies

If you are the proud parent of a redesigned Rat you will be well aware of what fussy eaters they are and we appreciate you will be getting through their specialised green food dye rather quickly. This is why we are opening more and more local supply centres so you won't have to wait for delivery anymore! 

Why not incorporate the walk to your local centre into your daily recommended exercise routine?

We will soon be providing maps of the area with the new centres on so keep an eye out for these updates.


01.20.4208 - COMING SOON

In the coming days you may notice some government workers in your area installing certain green coloured things. Don't be alarmed. There should be little disruption to daily life while these are being installed. 

These green things will make up what is called a GARDEN

A Garden is an area of public space used for recreation.

This is one of the few images of a garden that we have been able to find. From what we were able to interpret from the ancient text this was found in, it was made by someone called Claude Monet, and he called it 'Women in the Garden'.

Although only a small image, it has been vital in helping us create a picture of how a garden was used and allowed us to set out the guidance of behaviour when one is using a garden. 

We understand you will have many questions such as "what does one do in a garden?" or "is it safe for my children?" We will issue guidance once these are ready and will send a representative from the DoSFA to the area to answer any additional questions. 

Thank you, we appreciate your patience while we make these improvements. 


01.15.4208 - !!!WEATHER ALERT!!!

There will be rain from 1500 onwards and it is set to continue for up to 4 days. 

The predicted pH level is 3.1 so make sure your protective clothing is at the ready should you need to go out. 


01.13.4208 - WELCOME

Welcome to the new centre for all information from the Earth Government regarding your sector.  Here you will find everything you need to help you and your family with daily life. There have been many changes recently and there will be many more to come but we will ensure that these are introduced delicately.

We are aware that change is not something that has happened in a long time, so we appreciate that some people may feel a little daunted by all that is going on. There may be occasions where we don't get it completely right the first time but remember our goal is to improve the lives of all Earth's citizens. Any concerns, please report to your family's Wellbeing officer who can point you in the correct direction for assistance. 

Some changes you will already have experienced and can see that they have, in the most part, been a resounding success. As more and more things are introduce we will keep the information on here up to date so you don't feel at a loss.

Remember, we are all in this together. And as our ancestors used to say:

"live long and prosper"  
(Mr Spock - unknown ancestor)